Our tour guide will show and tell you about the Coca-Cola Company′s product manufacturing process,
environmental activities, and more. After the tour, you can enjoy tasting our products.

  • Tour Duration
  • Around 60 mins.
  • Participation Fee
  • Free
  • Tour Contents
  • Orientation → Factory Tour → Tasting & Watching DVD

After the tour, you can enjoy tasting a sample of one product of your choice,
from a selection including Hokkaido-exclusive products, and of course Coca-Cola.

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We are the Coca-Cola bottler responsible for Japan′s northernmost area, Hokkaido.
We manufacture our beverages using the natural waters that have
flowed slowly over many years, deep underground, from
the direction of Mount Shirahatayama.

How about a fun visit to our factory?

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Factory tour admission is strict to the customer enter with their own translator as the tour only conduct in Japanese.

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1-1-2-1 Kiyota, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan 004-8588